Round One: COVER SLAM
In this first bout, poets must read another author’s work. Slam someone else’s poetry or even just draw inspiration from a songwriter or other works. 3 minute time limit, random draw.
Round Two: FORM
In this second bout, top scoring poets from the first bout must state the poetic form before reading their own original work. Time starts after the form is given, with a three minute time limit.
For more information on poetic form visit:
Finals: Almost ANYTHING GOES
In this final round, top scoring poets from the second bout will have to the chance to break most of the slam rules. Got that costume you been wanting to wear? Just happen to play a musical instrument? Have a group piece you have been wanting to share? This is your chance. What can’t you do? Break the law. Yeah, don’t do that. Also, 3minute time limit still applies.

Poetry In The Park, Presented by Springfield Poets & Friends. 


MO Poetry Slam Springfield works to support, promote,
and encourage poetry in Southwest Missouri.


Third Thursday Poetry Slams are now at the Skinny Improv! 

at 308 South Avenue,
Springfield, Missouri 65806

Doors and sign up at 7pm, show at 7:30pm

Tickets ONLY $5 at the door!

Come watch, judge, read or compete.
Audience participation is encouraged!

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  1. Erica Svendsen says:

    The pen, though mightier than that which wounds, empowers all, my heart consumes. Let each stroke, uplift the mind, and enlightened by the poets’ time. -Erica Svendsen

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